Route chart


2015 – The idea and development of the new radio the concept, domain registration


2017 - Alpha-version development


4thquarter of 2017 – Preparations before implementing the program of crypto currency crowd financing


1st quarter of 2018 – First round. Implementing PreICO


2nd quarter of 2018 – Company incorporation. RDOR development


3rd quarter of 2018 – Connecting the webRTC, testing, beta-version of the project.


4th quarter of 2018 – Connecting the decentralized storage of IPFS. Implementing the ICO.


4th quarter of 2018 – Connecting additional services to monetize the project, introducing the token into the project; purchase, exchange, sale.


1-2nd quarters of2019 – marketing company to promote the project; public version release.

Our team

Our project team consists of skilled specialists, and every member of our team is a true professional in the area!


Daniil Khalitov

Businessman. A great experience of starting startups. Consulting in the field of business processes. Investment activities.


Ivan Gorbanyov

Founder. An entrepreneur, director, teacher, owner of several businesses, a blockbuster activist.


Smirnov Artem

An experienced professional in the financial market, the last 2 years, the focus was on the global decentralised economy and freedom of speech.



Lead designer. Specialist of decorative arts and design. Took part in many art festivals and projects, Japan Cup award. Regular participating in exhibitions.


Korsakov Dmitriy

Entrepreneur, director, owner of the company KADK Group Great experience in promoting companies on the Internet.


Ermakov Anton

Designer. Professional with 6 years of product design experience. Expertise areas are adaptive web and mobile interfaces, design, prototyping.


Buhanov Dmitriy

Community manager. Dedicated computer information systems graduate. Background in social network and IT industry. Front-end developer.


Nevzorov Artem

Master in computer science. Mobile App Developer, Web Developer, Java, Blockchain Developer

Advisory Board